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RubberRoo is a small, home-based business run by a retiree who, when not traveling, 
is glad to provide these rings to pet lovers around the world!
Why RubberRoo?


Steel no-tip pet food bowls will last forever - but the non-slip rubber ring on the bottom does not!   Why throw away a perfectly good dish because of an old cracked and nasty rubber ring? There is a simple solution! Replacement rings made in America!

No more noisy dishes sliding around the floor!  No more pets chasing their dishes across the floor!

Sometimes it takes something little to make a big difference!

​How to Order:
1) Measure the diameter of the food bowl; set old rings aside to re-use until your RubberRoo     rings arrive - we can make ANY size! Do not take any deductions in measurement!
2) Check Price Groups below to see what price group(s) your size ring(s) will be in. 
   Choose the correct rubber ring(s) from the drop down Price Group button, then fill in the     "Exact Size(s) of Rings" box.
3) Shipping within Continental U.S.A. is added automatically for up to 5 rings - using your         email address that is indicated on PayPal. More than 5 rings are shipped at cost and 
   invoiced via PayPal.  Shipping outside of continental U.S. will be invoiced.
4) Contact me with any questions:  I'm here to help!


Shipping for up to 5 rings in Continental U.S.A. addresses is $3.50  

       All other shipping is at cost, and will be invoiced via Paypal




  • A)  For ring sizes 4-1/2" to 6-1/2":       $3.50


  • B)  For ring sizes 6-3/4" to 9-1/4":    $3.79 


  • C)  For ring sizes 9-1/2" to 12-1/4":    $3.99 


  • D)  For ring sizes 12-1/2" to 15":         $4.19 

Rubber rings do not last forever!
Rubber rings do not last forever!

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RubberRoo rings on no-tip steel bowl
RubberRoo rings on no-tip steel bowl

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All pets use pet food bowls
All pets use pet food bowls

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Thanks for using RubberRoo rings!

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